Finding the time?!?

So this week I had planned to try out my cheese scone recipe ready for the weekend and as yet have not had the time. I have all the ingredients ready and have printed out my plan for Friday… aka the bake night.

I think I now understand how hard it is to juggle now working an 8 hour day, picking the kids up, feeding 2 at 6pm so they can go to bed, picking up the 3rd after Brownies and completing meal number 2 and then settling down to a baking session to make Easter biscuits, Battenburg and cheese scones. Still it will be a lovely day spent with my family and just good fun.

If I can get the photos mounted today then I will be pleased.

So the weekend meals went quite well. We had slow cooker Sausage Cassoulet with crusty bread made in the trusty slow cooker. When cooking multiple times at night the slow cooker comes into its own! On Saturday we had Mexican Bake, or that was what we called it for the fussy “I don’t like what I don’t like” eater. All was going well till his sister mentioned the “pastry” layers looked like pasta! Nooooo! However we have a new plan for mealtimes and it is this…

  1. Small portions for all which must be eaten
  2. If eaten then pudding has been earned and seconds will be offered
  3. If not eaten then no pudding, no arguments and no tears
  4. Line drawn after dinner and carry on as normal

It worked! Pudding was earned by all on all occasions except one and I am very much less stressed. Happy Days

Next update soon x