Coconut Ice

250g sweetened condensed milk
250g sifted icing sugar
200g desiccated coconut
Pink food colouring
Quantity: 20-40 depending on size
Oven Temperature: N/A
Cooking Time: N/A
Setting Time: Overnight
1. Combine condensed milk and icing sugar together in a bowl till becomes stiff
2. Add the coconut and continue to mix with hands till combined
3. Divide the mixture in half and add a small amount of colouring to one half
4. Dust a worktop with icing sugar and roll each colour out into a rectangle approximately 1cm thickness. Best tip is to do the white first and then the pink. The mixture is sticky and may need more icing sugar on top as you roll
5. Lay the white layer on a board and place the pink on top. Gently roll to stick the layer together
6. Leave uncovered overnight to allow it to set. Cut into squares with a sharp knife
7. Place in bags or boxes and this will keep for a month in an airtight container
Remember a little colouring goes a long way so add a few drops and mix, then add more to strengthen till the desired colour is reached.
Recipe adapted from BBC Good Food