About Me…

I have loved baking since I was a child. Now I want to share my experiences of baking and finding new recipes.

My Mum is a Coeliac and therefore this proves interesting to find gluten free bakes which a) work, b) taste yummy and c) aren’t hard enough to effectively hammer a nail into a wall. Where possible I have found recipes and adapted them after testing them.

This collection of recipes is every increasing from magazines and books, some from over 20 years ago (for example the Christmas Pudding, which in its original recipe had no suet or breadcrumbs and so was gluten free). Others have been found in holiday magazines (the Paella) and from a more recent time when slimming down a few pounds (a yummy frittata). I have made all the recipes and have received good reports so I hope you enjoy making them too.

A few years ago my Mum and Dad gave me a teatowel which just about sums up my take on cooking. Its simply says “I’ve asked Delia, Jamie and Nigella and now I’m going to wing it!

Happy Baking x0